Prison physician Dr. Karen Gedney speaks

Dr. Karen Gedney visits Browsers Corner Book Store on Aug. 22 at 6:30 p.m. to discuss her book released this year, “30 Years Behind Bars: Trials of a Prison Doctor.”

The book details her years as a physician at the state prison in Carson City, including when she was attacked and held hostage in 1989.

Gedney’s true stories document her journey as a new, young physician who survived a world she wasn’t prepared for and made it into a calling. She says her goal is to help shift the prison paradigm to one of healing and re-integration versus harming and recidivism, the tendency of a convicted criminal to reoffend.

The doctor is an internal medicine specialist who was recognized as one of the best in her unique field by the American Correctional Association and won a “Heroes for Humanity Award” for her work on HIV in the correctional system.

Gedney received her medical degree from the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine and is now retired.

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