November Featured Authors

Explore a realm of riveting mysteries, legal thrillers, heartwarming romance, and captivating storytelling brought to you by our November Featured Authors: Tess Gerritsen, John Grisham, Debbie Macomber, and Stuart Woods. Don’t pass up the chance to restock your bookshelf with your favorites or uncover fantastic new titles, all priced too tempting to resist at Browsers Corner Book Store!

Tess Gerritsen, a master of medical thrillers and crime fiction, takes readers on heart-pounding journeys through the world of forensic science and suspense.

John Grisham, the legal thriller maestro, has a knack for turning courtroom drama into gripping tales that keep readers on the edge of their seats.

Debbie Macomber, the queen of heartwarming fiction, enchants readers with her uplifting stories that celebrate the power of love, community, and second chances.

Stuart Woods, the master of the modern crime thriller, leads readers on high-octane adventures filled with suspense, intrigue, and a dash of sophistication.

Throughout the month of November, head to Browsers Corner Book Store as all $2.00 hardbacks by these authors will be available for just $1.00! 

Please note that this sale is exclusive to Room 2 and it excludes newly published hardbacks.

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