Meet the new manager of Browsers Corner Book Store

The Friends of the Carson City Library are honored to welcome Diana Hernandez as the new manager of their main fundraising arm, Browsers Corner Book Store.

Hernandez has lived in Carson City for nearly 20 years and is originally from New York City. She shared that she’s a proud parent of two teenagers and loves volunteering in the community.

“Volunteering is very gratifying and it’s such a pleasure to connect with others,” she said. “I started as a volunteer with Browsers four years ago, and I stepped up into the manager role in August when Patti Ferguson retired.”

Hernandez was an English major in school and being around books is genuinely her “happy place,” she said.

“One of my favorite things as manager here at Browsers is interacting with our regular customers and welcoming the new ones that are only just discovering this store,” she said. “I’m hoping our community continues to appreciate the invaluable treasure of free access to books, technology and various services that our public library offers — and that they continue to support Browsers as we support the Friends of the Carson City Library.”

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